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HPSL Day 2021

HPSL Day, 29.10.2021 

10:00-17:30, English Seminar at the University of Basel (Presence event) 

It is a pleasure to invite you to the HPSL Day 2021. This event is organized by the HPSL at the University of Basel and will serve as a kick-off for a yearly HPSL event series which aims to bring together doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers from Freiburg and Basel, to create a new platform for fruitful exchange, to discuss current research and to strengthen the HPSL community. Encouraged by the positive feedback received after the Networking event in October 2019, and after a long pause of in-person conferences, the HPSL (post-) doctoral students in Basel decided to grab the unique opportunity to finally meet again in a face-to-face research convention1. We would like to give researchers the opportunity to present their research in a variety of disciplines, and to build on the expertise of researchers from both universities, as well as to bridge the boundaries between subjects, methods, and departments from both Basel and Freiburg ( 

1 In case developments in the COVID pandemic still do not warrant an offline event at the end of the summer, the event will be held online. In that case we will inform you in time about changes in the realization of the event. 

2 This question can address anything related to the own research: theoretical or methodological issues, questions on how to take the next step in the research process etc. (Example for a question: I have been using ELAN for transcription – does anyone have experience using ELAN for annotation and analysis as well?) 


The event will start with a brief introduction and networking activity to warm up to each other and to have some talking points for the breaks and the apéro. For this, all participants are asked to bring a short question they are struggling with at the current stage of their research2. In the following there will be seven presentation slots (20+10 format) for individual research projects. Presentations at ALL STAGES of process are welcome – we explicitly encourage early career researchers to present their first project ideas as well as more advanced researchers presenting final results. In the afternoon, there will be a roundtable discussion (organized by Basel this year), designed to present a lab, linked working group or a multi-person research project. The idea behind this is to offer a chance of presenting both work-in-progress and more advanced projects encouraging the participation and collaboration of PhD candidates and postdocs. 

The format of the event allows to share insights from different backgrounds, approaches and methodologies, and to explore the needs of different HPSL (post-)doctoral researchers providing greater insight into the different perspectives from the HPSL. The event will be topped off with an Apéro which will offer further opportunities to get in touch with each other and to individually discuss the research questions/struggles introduced in the morning. 


Possible formats of contribution are: 

(1) Presentations (20 min + 10 min Q&A) 

(2) 1 Roundtable discussion (45 min, Basel) 

In order to create an ideal atmosphere for discussion and to ensure that participants can prepare for the various items on the agenda in the best possible way, the detailed program of the event, together with the different abstracts and a description of the roundtable discussion will be sent to all attendees in advance. We look forward to promoting deep and worthwhile discussions to offer presenters the opportunity to benefit from the feedback of different departments/individuals. 

In order to actively participate in the event as a presenter, please send us by August 1th: 

  • • a title and a short abstract or brief summary of the presentation (50-150 words). 

If you want to join the event as attendee (without presentation), please send us by August 30th

  • • a brief e-mail showing your interest in attending the event and your tentative question2 for the introducing networking activity. 

Please direct your abstracts for submission or registration e-mails to: or