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Admission and Degrees

PhD students at the HPSL have to be enrolled as PhD students either at the University of Freiburg or at the University of Basel. 

Admission and degrees in Freiburg

Information on the enrollment process at the University of Freiburg can be found here and here. Information on the administrative process of obtaining a PhD at the University of Freiburg can be found here.

Admission and degrees in Basel

In order to obtain a PhD at the University of Basel, students have to find a supervisor and apply for admission.

According to the PhD regulation they have to obtain 12 ECTS in addition to writing a PhD thesis. 

In order to join the HPSL doctorate programm, they have to apply to the HPSL. This commits them to obtain at least 18 ECTS, at least 14 of which in linguistics or related disciplines.