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How to apply

The first step is to find a supervisor for your doctoral project who also agrees to supervise the thesis. So this requires that you apply to one of the professors listed in the Faculty & Researchers section on our homepage whose field of work comes closest to your research interests.

Please note that neither a position nor financial support is associated with admission to the doctoral programme, which means that doctoral students have to ensure funding on their own.

Administrative procedures

The regulations require that doctoral students be enrolled at the University of Basel (Switzerland) or the University of Freiburg (Germany). Recognition of foreign degrees is subject to a determination of equivalence with the respective domestic degrees by the doctoral committee of the respective university.

Please note that the regulations differ between the universities. For Basel, the following PhD regulation applies. For Freiburg, enrollment and registration are explained here.

Contacting your preferred supervisor

Please include the following documents:

  1. an exposé of your envisaged PhD project complete with a work schedule (8 pages max.)
  2. an outline of why you think the Basel or Freiburg context will be particularly suitable for pursuing your doctoral studies in linguistics.
  3. a full CV, detailing your academic education and your degrees

Based on this information, the professor decides whether he or she will accept you as a doctoral student.

Nota bene, your communication with professors will be more efficient the better you have informed yourself in advance about their research areas. Eventually, your request should be specific from the very beginning and include all relevant information.