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The HPSL aims to foster young researchers: Master’s students attend HPSL events from their first semester onwards and are supported by postdoctoral scholars. Self-organized education is a vital characteristic of HPSL and promotes a hands-on understanding of a career in research.

Workshop languages are mainly German and English, some events may also be held in French, Italian, Spanish or Russian.

For more events please visit: Eucor – Der europäische Campus, LingNet-Europe and subscribe to or visit LINGUIST-List.

Upcoming events

11th Feb 21,
18:00 - 20:00
Susanne Tienken (Stockholm): Signifikante Muster und der Ort von Kultur. Linguistische Kulturanalyse als Zugang zu historischen Lebenswelten (Guest lecture)
Lecturer(s): Prof. Dr. Susanne Tienken
Contact: Prof. Dr. Racha Kirakosian
Platz der Universität 3 79085 Freiburg, Germany

23rd - 26th
Feb 21
43. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (DGfS): Modell und Evidenz
Contact: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christian Mair (host), Dr. Cynthia Dermarkar (coordinator)
Englisches Seminar 79085 Freiburg, Germany

14th Mar 21,
Workshop «L1 and L2 Development across Contexts and Modalities: Methodological challenges»
Lecturer(s): Marjolijn Verspoor & Wander Lowie
Contact: Sarah Faidt & Zeynep Köylü
t.b.a. Basel, Switzerland

12th - 16th
Apr 21
El’Manuscript 2020. Textual heritage and information technologies (Conference)
Lecturer(s): Prof. Dr. Achim Rabus
Contact: Moulay Zaidan Lahjouji
Werthmannstr. 14 79098 Freiburg i.Br., Germany

23rd - 24th
Apr 21
17. Sprachwissenschaftlichen Tagung für Promotionsstudierende (STaPs)
Lecturer(s): JProf. Dr. Adriana Hanulíková
Contact: Maria Vollmer, M.A.
Sprachwissenschaftliches Seminar Freiburg, Germany