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HPSL Day 2023

This year’s HPSL Day, hosted by the University of Basel, took place on October 20th 2023 in the Wildt’sches Haus in Basel. Following an opening address by Prof. Dr. Angela Ferrari, there was a social activity where participants got to know the venue and each other in an informal way.

The highlight of the morning program was a poster session in which participants presented and discussed their research. They were first put in groups, and afterwards everyone was free to move around.

The tone for the afternoon was set by an inspiring and thought-provoking keynote entitled, Digital Technologies in Linguistics – Linguistics in the Digital Society, by Prof. Dr. Noah Bubenhofer, Chair of the Department of Linguistics in the German Seminar of the University of Zürich (UZH) and UZH representative of CLARIN. 

For the remainder of the afternoon, participants shared ideas about how the HPSL could further support them in their work and career as researchers. Those sharing similar interests formed groups to come up with concrete plans for a possible project and these projects were then presented to everyone. A hands-on guide on how to actually implement the projects was provided by the Basel coordinator of the HPSL, Dr. Philipp Dankel, before the day concluded with an apéro.

Attended by around 60 participants from both universities of Basel and Freiburg as well as visiting researchers, the HPSL Day gave members of the HPSL an invaluable opportunity to connect with researchers from different fields and across universities and to foster a sense of community within the HPSL. We hope that all participants profited from the HPSL Day and that it inspired new collaborations, friendships, and activities within the HPSL network.

The book of abstracts is available here:

Ideas for future HPSL events: