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People affiliated with the HPSL represent four different status groups. The HPSL offers a wide, interdisciplinary choice of Faculty and Researchers who act as PhD supervisors to cater for every PhD student’s individual needs. PhD students at the HPSL have to be enrolled as PhD students either at the University of Freiburg or at the University of Basel and are supervised by at least one professor from the list of faculty and researchers given above.

Affiliated Postdocs are members of the HPSL Basel-Freiburg and thus part of its scientific network. They are actively involved in the scientific activities of the program, for example by organizing workshops or talks, and/or in advising PhD students. In order to apply, Postdocs should provide a description of their research project, their proposed activities in the program, and a letter of recommendation from one of the Faculty and Researchers at the HPSL. They are eligible for transition phase scholarships (Freiburg only).

PhD students hold their status as PhD students until the day of their defense. After their defense they will be awarded the status of Alumni of the HPSL. They can attend all HPSL events and are eligible for transition phase scholarships (Freiburg only).

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