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Events in Freiburg

HPSL aims to foster young researchers: Master’s students attend HPSL events from their first semester onwards and are supported by postdoctoral scholars. Self-organized education is a vital characteristic of HPSL and promotes a hands-on understanding of a career in research.

All events are held in English if at least one participant is not fluent in the language announced.

Upcoming events in Freiburg

13th - 25th
Jun 24
Zur Sprache kommen: Forschung zu bedrohten Sprachen sichtbar gemacht (Ausstellung)
Lecturer(s): Prof. Dr. Uta Reinöhl
Contact: Hilfskräfte Linguistik
Uniseum, Bertoldstr. 17, Freiburg 79085 Freiburg, Germany

13th - 17th
Jun 24
16:30 - 18:00
Grundkurs Südliches Quechua – Southern Quechua basic language course (Dr. Mario Soto Rodriguez, Freiburg)
Lecturer(s): Dr. Mario Soto Rodriguez
Contact: Dr. Mario Soto Rodriguez
Hermann-Herder-Str. 9, Raum 00003a Freiburg, Germany

11th Jul 24,
18:15 - 19:45
Hermann Paul Vorlesung 2024: Petra Schumacher (Köln)
Lecturer(s): Prof. Dr. Petra Schumacher
Contact: Prof. Dr. Uta Reinöhl
Haus zur Lieben Hand, Großer Saal Löwenstr. 16, Freiburg ,

12th Jul 24,
Workshop: How much is too much? (Emmy Noether Group "Non-hierarchicality")
Lecturer(s): Stefan Schnell, Pavel Ozerov, Maya Inbar
Contact: Naomi Peck
Uni Freiburg, KG I, Hörsaal 1034 Freiburg, Germany

22nd - 27th
Jul 24
ISLE Summer School 2024
Contact: Event email address
Englisches Seminar Freiburg, Germany