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Hügel (geb. Volz)
Wenn Familien sich und andere(n) Geschichten erzählen
Die narrative Konstitution von Familie durch gemeinsame Positionierungen in der Interaktion
Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfänder
Prof. Dr. Gabriele Lucius-Hoene
Jan 2012
When family comes together, storytelling is a very common practice. These joint narrations can be observed as the communicative process of a collaborative constitution of identity. The present work focuses on the analysis and description of theses processes on the basis of concrete conversations and interviews with three families from Mexico and Bolivia. In detailed analyses the joint practices of identity-in-interaction will be described. Therefore we apply the concept of positioning and expand it to the concept of joint positionings. Furthermore the sociological notion of "Community of Practice" is presented, expanded, and for the first time applied to family as a community. Through the connection of micro- and macroanaylsis the process of the constitution of family identity can be described. Concerning family interaction linguistic studies have been realised in the US as well as in Germany, whereas in Latinamerica there are mainly sociological sudies available. The present work will realise the connection between empirical linguistics and the sociologically viewed topic of family in Latinamerica. The focus will be on the narrative constitution of family identity in interaction.
Positionierungen, narrative Identität, Community of Practice