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Emergence of structure in language learning and language contact (Doktorierendenseminar)

DateFriday, 23rd September 2016
LocationEnglisches Seminar, Nadelberg 6, Raum 11, 4051 Basel

veranstalter: Heike Behrens
institution: HPSL
language: Englisch
location institution: Basel
date_raw: 23.09.16-02.12.16, 14-täglich, 10:00-14:30 Uhr
date_sort: 23.09.2016, 00:00:00

Das Seminar findet 14-täglich statt, Termine siehe Link Vorlesungsverzeichnis oben.  

Hinweis: Ein detailierter Seminarplan mit Lektüreangaben, Kursmaterialien und Leistungsanforderungen wird bei Anmeldung entweder per Email oder auf der ADAM Lernplattform zur Verfügung gestellt.

Die folgenden Angaben stammen aus dem Vorlesungsverzeichnis.

Learning objectives:

In this seminar students become familiar with a wide range of approaches to language emergence and change under the perspective of language as a complex adaptive system. In this view, similar cognitive and social processes are responsible for language emergence and language change, but the outcome of the interaction of these processes depends on the concrete situation. The aim is to become familiar with state-of-the-art research in a number of domains and establish the relevant links to the own research projects.


Contemporary constructivist approaches to the emergence propose two sources for the development of language in phylogeny and ontogeny: genetic, biological nd cognitive biases (e.g., the ability for analogical reasoning and pattern generalization), as well as social interactive processes that contribute to the persistence or change of linguistic structures.

In this seminar we will look at such processes in three timeframes (phylogeny = evolution; ontogeny = childhood development; ‘online’ processes of language contact and language change) regarding the cognitive processes underlying category formation and change, and interactional processes that drive it.

In the seminar we will focus on the following topics:

• Genetic and biological foundations for language evolution
• Social and communicative bases for the emergence of language

• Cognitive foundations for language learning
• Interactionist foundations for language learning

• Mechanisms of language change (through contact)
• Social settings and interaction as motor for change