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Constructionist Approaches to Language Pedagogy 2 (International Conference)

DateFriday, 10th June 2016

veranstalter: Lourdes Ortega, Ewa Dabrowska u.a.
ansprechpartner: Karin Madlener
institution: HPSL
language: Englisch
location institution: Basel
date_raw: 10.-11. Juni 2016
date_sort: 10.06.2016, 00:00:00

Preliminary conference program (status: December 17, 2015).


Friday, June 10, 2016


  Aula 001 Lecture room 117: “Motion events” Lecture room 118: “Input, implicit and explicit teaching” Lecture room 119: “Specific constructions”
10:30 [guided city tour, t.b.a.]
12:00 Welcome & registration      
12:45 Constructionist approaches to language pedagogy: Foundations and challenges // Heike Behrens & Karin Madlener      
13:15 Keynote 1: Lourdes Ortega      
14:20   Toward a multilingual pedagogical grammar of motion events // Wojciech Lewandowski Constructions as units of learning: Usage-based instruction // Serafima Gettys, Iwona Lech & Rocio Rodriguez Time expressions between lexicon and syntax: Implications for foreign language teaching // Alexander Ziem & Hans C. Boas
14:55   Explicit and implicit teaching of lexicaliztation patterns // Juliana Goschler & Lars Behnke Do children’s books and songs support implicitly the acquisition of German Gender and case? // Friederike von Lehmden, Claudia Müller & Eva Belke A constructionist approach to teaching Italian L2 futurity in interviews // Paul Sambre
15:30   Learning boundary-crossing events motion constructions in a second language // Rosa Alonso Complement-taking predicates in early language development of Swedish as a foreign language // Martje Wijers It’s like the instrument: Co-constructing understanding and learning in L2 English // Søren Wind Eskildsen
16:05 Coffee break
16:35   What types of constructions do L2 learners use // Teresa Cadierno, Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano & Alberto Hijazo-Gascón Does a focus on chunks and fluency make a difference in migrants’ language learning? // Peter Lenz & Malgorzata Barras Collocations in L2 attainment – a usage-based approach // Cordula M. Glass
17:10   Construction-based teaching of the German caused motion and intransitive constructions to Italian learners // Sabine de Knop & Fabio Mollica A constructionist approach to second language development through informal interactions online: case studies of multi-word chunk usage in L2 English learners // Meryl Kusyk Frequency effects in the acquisition of the German pronoun „es“ in SLA // Annette Fahrner
17:45   Construction-based teaching teaching of German caused motion constructions with ein-/in to French-speaking learners // Françoise Gallez & Sabine de Knop „Drills“ revisited – in light of a usage-based approach // Ingvild Nistov, Elisabeth Bjugn, Atle Kristiansen, Else Berit Molde, Katrin Saarik & Ilka Wunderlich Constructionist approach and article acquisition in Serbian EFL/ESL students // Jelena Vujic
19:00 Apéro riche, Wildt’sches Haus (Petersplatz)



Saturday, June 11, 2016


  Aula 001 Lecture room 117: “Argument structure” & “Constructicon”
Lecture room 118: “Input, implicit and explicit teaching” Lecture room 119: “Specific constructions”
09:30 Keynote 2: Ewa Dabrowska      
10:35 Coffee break
11:05   Korean secondary interlanguage learners’ developmental aspects: Instruction effects of English argument structure constructions // Gyu-Ho Shin Reading for remembering: On the long-term impact of starting age on retention and recall of target language input // Simone E. Pfenninger & David Singleton The impact of foreign language input on the acquisition of intensifying constructions: a case study from CLIL and non-CLIL learners in French-speaking Belgium // Isa Hendrikx, Kristel Van Goethem & Fanny Meunier
11:40   English Argument structure constructions in L2 learners’ speaking interaction // Jung-Youn Choi & Hyun-Kwon Yang Investigating the difficulty of L2 inflectional morphology: Interactions between the input, the learning, and the learner // Hannelore Simoens The influence of English immersion on L3 French // Rosalinde Tialda Stadt, Aafke Hulk & Petra Sleeman
12:15     Exceptions disturb pattern learning in adult second language acquisition: Individual differences approach // Maja Curcic, Sible Andringa & Folkert Kuiken I want to express my emotions as I feel them. The expression of emotions in second language classroom: A usage-based approach // Lucía Gómez Vicente
12:50 Lunch break
14:30   Different levels of item-specificity and compositionally – an empirical study of L2 learners // Susen Faulhaber Language learning aptitude and working memory capacity as predictors of instructed adult learners’ explicit and implicit knowledge // Luis H. Rodriguez Silva & Karen Roehr-Brackin A constructionist approach to English verb-particle constructions // Min-Chang Sung
15:05   A valency constructicon for learners of English // Thomas Herbst The role of explicit and implicit teaching on the L2 production of German case markers // Kristof Baten Image schemas and metaphors in teaching grammar (by the example of the German modal auxiliaries) // Katsiaryna Kanaplianik
15:40   Adding a pedagogic toolkit to the Swedish construction // Camilla Håkansson, Benjamin Lyngfelt, Joel Olofsson, Julia Prentice & Sofia Tingsell Can explicit instruction enhance language analytic abilities? // James Chalmers Relevance matters // Jörg Roche & Ferran Suñer
16:30 Keynote 3: Katrin Lindner      
17:35 Conference closing      



Karin Madlener & Heike Behrens, University of Basel
Catherine Diederich, Florent Pérek & Julia Vögelin, University of Basel
Alexander Ziem, University of Düsseldorf


Karin Madlener
Program Committee (in alphabetical order):
Sible Andringa, University of Amsterdam; Heike Behrens, University of Basel; Raphael Berthele, Institute of Multilingualism, Fribourg; Hans C. Boas, University of Texas at Austin; Teresa Cadierno, University of Southern Denmark, Odense; Ewa Dabrowska, Northumbria University, Newcastle; Sabine De Knop, Université Saint-Louis, Brussels; Nick C. Ellis, University of Michigan; Andrea Ender, University of Salzburg; Juliana Goschler, University of Oldenburg; Stefanie Haberzettl, University of Saarbrücken; Wander Lowie, University of Groningen; Karin Madlener, University of Basel; Kim McDonough, Concordia University, Montreal; Lourdes Ortega, Georgetown University, Washington DC; Giulio Pagonis, University of Heidelberg; Jörg Roche, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München; Ute Römer, Georgia State University; Nicole Schumacher, Humboldt-Universität Berlin; Katrin Skoruppa, University of Basel; Pavel Trofimovich, Concordia University, Montreal; Marjolijn Verspoor, University of Groningen; Mirjam Weder, University of Basel; Stefanie Wulff, University of Florida; Alexander Ziem, University of Düsseldorf
Conference website (currently under construction):
Conference fees:
Early bird (December 1, 2015 – March 1, 2016): 175 CHF
Regular (March 2, 2016 – May 30, 2016): 200 CHF
Student (including PhD candidates): 80 CHF
Conference fees include the conference book, an apéro riche on Friday Night, June 10, lunch on Saturday, June 11, and three coffee breaks.
Important Dates: 
Start of abstract submission: July 10, 2015
Deadline for abstract submission: September 12, 2015
Notifications of acceptance: November 15, 2015
Preliminary program: December 1, 2015
Start of conference registration: December 1, 2015
End of early bird registration: March 1, 2016
End of registration: May 30, 2016
Conference: June 10-11, 2016