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Workshop: When strangers meet in multilingual public settings: bodies, spaces and participation

Lecturer(s)Elwys De Stefani, Lorenza Mondada and others, see program
Contact personLorenza Mondada
Date3rd - 5th April 2024
RegistrationRegistration required
LocationMaiengasse 51 4051 Basel Switzerland

Closing workshop of the project Fist Five Words (SNF-FWO)

Organized by Lorenza Mondada

When strangers meet in multilingual public settings: bodies, spaces and participation

University of Basel, 3-5.4.2024


Wed 3.4.2024 – 14h-18h30

Multilingual encounters

14.00-14.45      General introduction by Elwys De Stefani & Lorenza Mondada

14.45-15.30      Katariina Harjunpää, Embodied occasioning of language brokering

15.30-16.00      break

16.00-16.45      Philipp Hänggi, Language brokering: Coordinating language choice and

participation in multilingual chance encounters

16.45-17.30      Thomas Debois, Intralingual language negotiation in interactional openings

to service encounters

17.30-18.30      debate


Thurs 4.4.2024 – 9h-13h


9.00-9.45          Chloé Mondémé, The First Five Steps… 

Moving in space and projecting categorial membership

9.45-10.30        Burak Tekin, When do interactions begin in public markets?

Walking trajectories, gaze and talk

10.30-11.00      break

11.00-12.00      Elwys De Stefani & Lorenza Mondada, Mobile trajectories in public space

and potential encounters

12.00-13.00      debate


Thurs 4.4.2024 – 14h00-18h30



14.00-14.45      Eric Laurier & Daniel Muñoz, Opening encounters with the sighted

as a blind person in public space

14.45-15.30      Julia Schneerson, Identifying strangers with dogs as fellow dog guardians

15.30-16.00      break

16.00-17.30      Elwys De Stefani & Lorenza Mondada, Strangers in public places:

issues in categorization

17.30-18.30      debate


Friday 5.4.2024 – 9h-12h


9.00-9.45          Florence Oloff, Participating in face-to-face encounters with,

through and “despite” smartphones

9.45-10.30        Federica D’Antoni, Initiating a focused interaction while waiting

10.30-11.00      break

11.00-12.00      debate


Friday 5.4.2024 -14h-16h

Debate on Methodology

14.00-16.00      Fieldwork, video and ethics

If you are interested in participating, register by – limited places.