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T. Mark Ellison, Köln: Prominence and Boundaries (Language, Communication & Cognition)

Lecturer(s)T. Mark Ellison
Contact personUta Reinöhl
DateFriday, 21st April 2023, 10:15 - 11:45
LocationKG I, HS 1016 Freiburg Germany


One of the successes of linguistics has been the identification of composite linguistic units of various sizes and kinds: morae, syllables, feet, prosodic words, prosodic phrases, intonation units, various syntactic phrases, clauses, sentences, and many more.

Substantial research has looked into the linguistic properties of edges or boundaries of these units. One common focus has been the attribution of greater prominence to components of a larger structure if they occur at the edge of that structure.

In this talk, I discuss evidence that boundaries have a special connection to the unit as a whole. As an example, a recent study at the Universität zu Köln has shown that emphasising a boundary in a serial recall task can lead to added recall accuracy across the whole phrase bracketed by that boundary.


A live stream is available if necessary (please contact Prof. Reinöhl).