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Narrative Matters in Literature, Linguistics, and Medicine

DateSaturday, 13th April 2013

veranstalter: Miriam Locher u.v.a.m.
ansprechpartner: Regula König
institution: HPSL
language: Englisch
location institution: Basel
date_raw: 13 April 2013
date_sort: 13.04.2013, 00:00:00
date_parsed: 13.04.2013, 00:00:00

The SNF‐project team “Life (Beyond) Writing: Illness Narratives” ( has been exploring the social, cultural, linguistic and literarymeanings of illness narratives and reflective writing and the applications of thesefindings to medical education. This symposium provides a platform to share results andto invite eminent scholars from different research disciplines such as linguistics, literarystudies, psychology and medicine to engage in dialogue.

This symposium terminates the SNF‐funded research project “Life (Beyond) Writing: Illness Narratives” (CR13I1)and is sponsored by the SNF and the English Department of the University of Basel.

Project team: Franziska Gygax (literary studies), Miriam Locher (linguistics), Regula Koenig (linguistics),Alexander Kiss and Claudia Steiner (medicine) (University of Basel); Victoria Tischler (psychology) (University ofNottingham)



Michael Bamberg (Clark University): The roles of personal disclosure and narrative in the trust‐building business

Brigitte Boothe (University of Zurich): Illness narratives in the psychotherapeutic session

LisaDiedrich (Stony Brook University): Graphic heterotopias: Treating epilepsy in L’Ascension du Haut‐Mal

Franziska Gygax (University of Basel): “Woundable, around the bounds”: Life (beyond) writing and terminal illness

Annette Kern‐Stähler (University of Bern) and Anna Thiemann (University of Münster): “We are, after all, expecting them to live the American Dream”: Cure andrecovery in the American autie‐biography

Alexander Kiss and Julia Notter (University of Basel): Medical Humanities in Basel: General aspects and medical student narratives– When empathy is lacking

Miriam Locher and Regula Koenig (University of Basel): Project report linguistics: “Life (Beyond) Writing: Illness Narratives” / Reflective writing texts by medical students

Gabriele Lucius‐Höhne (Albert‐Ludwigs‐Universität Freiburg): Narrative matters and narratives that matter. Illness stories in interaction:reporting, constructing, creating

Femi Oyebode (University of Birmingham): Illness and illness metaphor in Chekhov: Medicine and storytelling

Victoria Tischler (University of Nottingham): “Its something a bit different”—Reflections on introducing narrative writing into a medical curriculum