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Linguistisches Frühstück mit Prof. Bernd Kortmann: Linguistics and the replication crisis

Lecturer(s)Prof. Dr. Bernd Kortmann
Contact personCynthia Dermarkar
DateThursday, 13th February 2020, 08:30 - 10:00

Recent years have increasingly seen concerns about the use and interpretation of statistical methods in the quantitative sciences (e.g. lack of transparency in methodology, data coding and analysis, non-reproducibility of scholarly work, negligence of replication studies as ‘unoriginal’ and unprestigious). The debate triggered by these concerns has been framed in terms of the ‘replication crisis’. Linguistics having increasingly turned quantitative over the past two decades, the question is: does the replication crisis also apply to practices in linguistics, and how could such tendencies effectfully be countered or, even better, avoided? What does this mean for (a) the research design and practice and (b) publication practices in linguistics? And how does/will all of this affect the current work and future perspectives of PhD students and postdocs in linguistics?