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Dynamics of Interaction: Materiality, Work & Technology (Blockseminar für Doktoranden)

DateThursday, 29th November 2018

veranstalter: Christian Heath
ansprechpartner: Prof. Lorenza Mondada
institution: HPSL
language: Englisch
location institution: Basel
date_raw: 29.-30. November 2018
date_sort: 29.11.2018, 00:00:00
date_parsed: 30.11.2029, 20:18:00



Thursday, 29.11.

Friday, 30.11.

9h30-12h30: Presentations: Christian Heath

Institutions & interaction:

Talk, objects & multimodality 

9h30-12h30: Presentations: Christian Heath

Bodily conduct & interaction

in the workplace




Data sessions


Data sessions



The readings are mandatory for participating in the workshop.

They can be accessed at the following link:


Day 1:

Heath, C.C. (2002/2012) Demonstrative suffering: the gestural (re)embodiment of symptoms. Journal of Communication Vol 52 No 3, 597-617.

Heath, C.C. (2013) Trust and the integrity of bids. In Dynamics of Auction: Social Interaction and the Sale of Fine Art and Antiques. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 56-77.

Heath, C.C. and P. Luff (2000) Team work: collaboration and control on London Underground. In Technology in Action. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 88-125.


Day 2:

Heath, C., Luff, P. & M. Sanchez Svensson (2002) Overseeing organisation. British Journal of Sociology Vol 53 No 2, 181-203.

Heath, C. (2006) Body work: the collaborative production of the clinical object in Heritage, J.C. & D. Maynard. Practising Medicine: Talk and Action in Primary Care Encounters. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Heath, C., Luff, P., Sanchez Svensson, M., & M. Nicholls (2018) Exchanging implements: the micro-materialities of multidisciplinary work in the operating theatre. Sociology of Health & Illness  Volume 40, issue 2, 297-313.



If you want to participate to the workshop, please register by contacting