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Doing linguistics with video – Block seminar

DateMonday, 10th December 2012
LocationMaiengasse 51, R. 113 Basel Switzerland

veranstalter: Lorenza Mondada
ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr. Lorenza Mondada
institution: HPSL
language: Englisch
location institution: Basel
date_raw: 26. Sep / 26 Oct / 23 Nov / 10 Dec
date_sort: 10.12.2012, 00:00:00

seminar aims at showing a range of questions that can be tackled by linguistics
by using video data. The use of video is not only related to methodological
issues but also to fundamental theoretical assumptions.

use of video introduces a new focus on not only auditive but also visual
feature of language. It invites to conceptualize the embodied dimension of
linguistic practice and their impact on grammar and cognition. The seminar will
offer some examples of contemporary conceptualizations of the body in relation
with language.

the basis of a rich diversity of empirical materials, the seminar will show how
various fields of linguistics can benefit from video data: hands on sessions
will be focused on the analysis of spoken corpora on the one hand, and on the
analysis of written corpora on the other hand. The former will show the
importance of gesture and other embodied conduct as they are finely timed with
linguistic production and comprehension; the latter will show the importance of
considering processes of text production and not only texts as a finite

seminar will also introduce to issues of corpus linguistics and to basic
methodological skills in video recordings and transcripts, on the basis of a
short fieldwork experience.


Exam: an essay including an
analysis of empirical data.


Introduction :
Wednesday 26.09: 14h-18h, room 204 (Maiengasse 51)


October 26: 9h30-17h: grammar of spoken language and multimodality (room 204)

November 23: 9h30-17h: social and
material contextual features of talk  (room 204)

December 10: 9h30-17h: production and
uses of written texts and other artifacts (room 113 Maiengasse)

the methodology, I advice students to participate in modules of the Uebung Collecting and Transcribing Data (to be
held on Wednesdays, 16h-19h, dates to be announced).

For any information contact



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