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Digital Literary Stylistics. Concepts, Methods and Results (Vortrag)

DateTuesday, 20th November 2018
LocationHörsaal 103, Bernoullianium, Bernoullistrasse 32, 4056 Basel

veranstalter: Wolfgang Meier, Berenike Herrmann
ansprechpartner: Berenike Herrmann
institution: HPSL
language: Englisch
location institution: Basel
date_raw: 20. November 2018, 18:00-20:00 Uhr
date_sort: 20.11.2018, 00:00:00

In this joint lecture, Berenike Herrmann (DH Lab Basel) will report on her research in the field of “Digital Literary Stylistics”, introducing concepts (such as style, literariness, fictionality), their operationalization for digital analysis, and the results of mixed methods digital analyses of German literary discourse. One aspect will be the research environment – the KOLIMO XML-corpus database (eXist). Wolfgang Meier, founder and owner of eXist solutions, is going to introduce his XML software in more general terms for a Digital Humanities audience. He will also report on additional use cases from Digital Humanities, including a life demo. There will be space for questions.