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(Dis)alignment in Online Reading Practices

Date October/November 2020; precise date tba, pending agreement with invited participants
Workshop location Basel
Description of workshop

Online reading activities can increase users’ comprehension and production abilities. In this workshop we wish to explore how learners align with online resources in their acquisition of complex syntactic and textual structures, but also how they learn to identify and resist manipulative or commercial argumentation, i.e., how they learn to identify the “good” models and discourses of persuasion.

Link to other (dis)agree workshops Workshop 1: Multimedia: SMS (Social practices of (dis)agreement and (dis)alignment in computer-mediated interaction)
Organizers and corresponding organizer Heike Behrens, Basel Mirjam Weder, Basel Gerhard Lauer, Basel NN, Freiburg
Invited Experts t.b.a.
Workshop program t.b.a.