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Workshop 3

Social practices of (dis)agreement and (dis)alignment in contexts of migration

Date 30 October 2020
Workshop location Freiburg
Description of workshop Starting out from ongoing European-Campus-based research projects on migration, we will explore how migrants mobilise linguistic and cultural resources to (re-)position themselves vis à vis (i) their countries of origin, (ii) the linguistic-cultural ‘mainstream’ in their new host countries, and (iii) other, and possibly competing, migrant communities. As will be shown, ‘mobile’ and ‘deterritorialised’ inguistic and cultural resources are the cause of much disagreement at all levels of communication, but also have the potential to forge new alignments. As migrants’ media consumption and social-media use will be a central focus of attention, this workshop builds on Multimedia I and II, while also reaching out to Multimodality I.
Link to other (dis)agree workshops Workshop 1: Multimedia I: SMS (Social practices of (dis)agreement and (dis)alignment in computer-mediated interaction)
Workshop 2: Multimedia II: FILM ((Dis)Agree: Affective stance in fictional and non-fictional interactional scenarios)
Workshop t.b.a: Multimodality I
Workshop 4: Reading
Organizers and corresponding organizer Christian Mair, Freiburg
Workshop program t.b.a.