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Workshop 2

(Dis)Agree: Affective stance in fictional and non-fictional interactional scenarios


15. Oktober 2020

Workshop location


Description of workshop

This data workshop on two separate dates will invite two international experts to work on data from three different research projects that all work with videos of interactions where affective stance is expressed in moments where agreement and disagreement are negotiated. Two of the sources are fictional and staged, one source is experimental. The three scholars will prepare datasets to discuss with the experts, each other and members of the audience. The aim is to cross-fertilize each others’ perspectives (literary studies, media linguistics, interpersonal pragmatics, interactional linguistics) to refine research questions and methodologies.

Link to other (dis)agree workshops

Workshop t.b.a.: Multimodality I: Multiactivities

Workshop t.b.a.: Multimodality II: Synchronization

Organizers and corresponding organizer

Miriam Locher, Martin Luginbühl, Basel

Hermann Herlinghaus, Freiburg

Invited experts

Dr. Martin Tremel (Leibniz-Zentrum für Literatur-und Kulturforschung Berlin;

Dr. Heiko Hausendorf (University of Zurich);