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Workshop «L1 and L2 Development across Contexts and Modalities: Methodological challenges»

Lecturer(s)Marjolijn Verspoor & Wander Lowie
Contact personSarah Faidt & Zeynep Köylü or
DateSunday, 14th March 2021, 00:00 - 23:59
RegistrationRegistration required
Locationt.b.a. Basel Switzerland
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Date & Time

Spring 2021 (exact dates: t.b.a.)



University of Basel



This workshop aims at bringing together different perspectives on theoretical and empirical issues in the field of first and second language acquisition. The program will include keynote lectures from experts reporting on their research as well as opportunities to discuss current trends and issues. There will be also space for participants to present and share their own work (in progress). The major foci of discussion will be around potential issues when analyzing longitudinal data regarding L1 acquisition or L2 development.


The discussions will be guided by the following grand tour questions:


  • What aspects of language learning and language change can be analyzed?
  • What linguistic features can be focused on?
  • How do we come up with a sustainable research design?
  • What issues have to be considered when collecting and analyzing (longitudinal) data?
  • What methods can be employed to spot traces of change in one’s L2/Ln?
  • How can we productively discuss constructs of language development, such as complexity, accuracy, and fluency?


The expert scholars invited to conduct the keynote sessions (lectures) in this workshop are:


  • Dr. Marjolijn Verspoor, Professor of Language Learning with a focus on English language and second language acquisition, the Department of English Language and Culture, the University of Groningen
  • Dr. Wander Lowie, Professor of Applied Linguistics with a focus on Neurolinguistics and language development, the Department of Applied Linguistics, the University of Groningen


Apart from the keynotes, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with current related projects or with relevant empirical interests are welcomed to attend this workshop. It is also possible to have individual consultation sessions with the experts provided that participating researchers give short presentations on their work. Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from all philology departments affiliated with the HPSL network as well as Swiss universities of teacher education will be called for participation.