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Registration for HPSL Day 2022

Use this form to register for the HPSL Day 2022 and for the award ceremony for the HPSL prize.

In order to process your registration the following pieces of information are required (when they are mandatory). Mandatory informtion is marked with an asterisk (*). You can find further information on data protection, especially concerning data collection, here.


Registration form

Please indicate which parts of the event you will be attending.
Please give your first name
Please give your last name
Please give your title.
Please indicate which group you belong to.
Please choose which university you are affiliated with.
If you are not from the University of Freiburg or Basel, please specify the university you are affiliated with here.
Please give your email address.
Please state which discipline you belong to.
If you would like to specify your pronouns, you can do so here.
If you have any special needs or a disability you would like to inform us about, you can let us know here.
If you have special dietary needs, please specify them below.
For attendees of the HPSL day only: Please provide a (professional) fun fact about yourself. This will be used exclusively for one of our socialising activities.
Please confirm that you agree that pictures taken during the event may later be published.
Please confirm that you agree to having your data processed via the HPSL website, which is hosted by the University in Basel.
Please confirm that you have been provided with information concerning data protection (see above).

Fields with (*) are compulsory.